What is website maintenance?

After the development of the website, it is necessary to deal with its maintenance, both technical, in order to ensure constant and correct access for visitors to the website and monitor their activity, as well as content maintenance, add news, articles, promotions, goods, services, edit information on the website, contacts.

In addition, competent website maintenance has a positive effect on SEO.


How are we working?


Depending on the task, the level of access to the files of your project is determined.


We determine a solution that allows you to optimally solve the problem.


We carry out all necessary website maintenance activities.


We analyze the result and track both positive and negative points.

Why is website maintenance important?

If you created a website for your business, investing not a small amount of money in it, and do not expect to engage in its maintenance, then you risk losing the money invested in the website. A web site is a cool and multifunctional tool that will help you increase, but by itself, it will not work. He needs a proper and efficient service.