What is an online store?

Developing your online store is a necessary goal for a business that wants to trade in its goods via the Internet. An online store is extremely difficult to design a website. Because of its functions related to the payment of purchases directly on the site, this site should be well protected from external and internal threats, which imposes its limitations during development.

The main function of the online store is the formation of the order by the visitor and its payment by credit card or other methods provided by the business owner.

Что такое интернет магазин? colors

How are we working?


Make an order to develop an online store by going here . Please indicate, necessarily, the scope of the business and your contacts. So in the message, you can ask your questions or write wishes.


Our specialist will contact you to determine the goals of your project, color, design concept, as well as your competitors and functions on the site, features and potential customers.


After receiving all the details, we formulate the terms of reference and send it to work. In the development process, we provide you with intermediate results and make adjustments.


After developing an online store, we publish it on the Internet on a test server. We conduct testing, make the necessary changes, prepare a plan for SEO promotion, and if necessary, train your employees at work.

Why develop an online store?

If a business wants to expand its customer base by attracting customers from "new" territories, for example, a neighboring district in the same city, but does not want or does not have the finances to open a new store, service, office, point of sale, then it makes sense to think over the development of our online store since the cost of this will be significantly less than the opening of a second point of sale.

It also makes sense to create your online store to get a “new customer” from other cities, for example. And most importantly, based on statistics, about 90% of the total population of Russia bought something on the Internet at least once a year, which is an incentive to consider developing your online store.