Why I need to do my website for my company is better, if I have a normal website?

The main reason is progress. Over time, everything becomes obsolete, especially web development technology and web design. At a minimum, the site should be updated every 3 years. And the longer put off this need, the more will have to change in the future. And if you do not think about it, then your sales through the site will begin to decline. because your competitors will update their website on time and provide users with the necessary information and features.

If you upgrade your website at the time and are fully engaged in creating content for it, then you will have high sales.

Сайт для компаний B2B colors

How are we working?


To place an order for the development of a website for your company, you fill out the form (here). Please indicate the scope of the business and your contacts. So in the message, you can ask your questions or write wishes.


The project manager will contact you by phone and discuss all the details of your future website. From color, design concepts to features and your potential customers, as well as competitors.


After receiving all the details, we formulate the terms of reference and send it to work. In the development process, we provide you with intermediate results and make adjustments.


After creating a website for your company, we publish it on the Internet. We carry out testing, make the necessary changes, prepare an advertising campaign, and if necessary, train your employees at work.

What do we offer?

B2B website structure

B2B website structure

A fully thought-out website structure based on the activities of your company and consumer requests for your products or services.

Responsive Website

Responsive Website

Development of a B2B website for correct display on all devices: mobile phones, tablets, and computers with different resolutions.

SEO customization in development

SEO customization in development

Development of B2B website technical data for web 2.0 standards and compliance with the recommendations of all search engines. To improve SEO promotion.

Monitoring B2B Website Traffic

Monitoring B2B Website Traffic

Installation of traffic analytics and user behavior systems on the website to improve site performance and identify negative information.

What functions do I need for my website company?

It all depends on the purpose for which you are creating a website for your company. Also, the main factor influencing the set of functions for the website is your target audience.

But there is a basic feature set required for most websites. The most basic is online chat on the website, to help visitors. Also, regardless of your business, it is worth talking about your services or product, correctly listing all the competitive advantages.