Why do I need a separate website or page for an advertising campaign?

This is a great question. Your main website has a storytelling structure if designed correctly. That is, your main website is aimed at telling your client about your services and your company. The main website contains marketing tricks, but it is less able to convert a website visitor into a client.

The structure of the website for advertising prepares the website visitor for purchase, focusing on the advantages of your product or service, the acquired benefits.

Для чего нужен лендинг? colors

How are we working?


To place an order for the development of a website for an ads campaign, you fill out the form (here). Please indicate the scope of the business and your contacts. So in the message, you can ask your questions or write wishes.


The project manager will contact you by phone and discuss all the details of your future website. From color, design concepts to features and your potential customers, as well as competitors.


After receiving all the details, we formulate the terms of reference and send it to work. In the development process, we provide you with intermediate results and make adjustments.


After creating a website for an ads campaign, we publish it on the Internet. We carry out testing, make the necessary changes, prepare an advertising campaign, and if necessary, train your employees at work.

What results will I get from the website for an advertising campaign?

Results will be expected, usually. That is, a website for an advertising campaign is being developed together with an advertising campaign on Google, Facebook or Twitter. And as a rule, the results of the website are more dependent on the correct setting of the advertising campaign and the selection of the target audience.

If we focus on our results, then the Average CTR will be 7%, the average time spent on the website is 0:23, the bounce rate is <20%, and the website conversion is at 9%, in the Google search advertising campaign. These results are consistent with the service industry.