What is SMM promotion?

Today, social networks have deeply entered the life of the average layman. On average, a person spends 2 hours of his time on social networks daily, which allows a business to offer its services or products using this particular channel.

In general, the basis of SMM promotion is the conduct of business accounts on social networks, posting articles, promotions, news, new arrivals or offers, as well as inviting new members.


How are we working?


Collection of information from social networks, analysis of competitors, their good and bad decisions, we study the target audience.


We create a plan for the development of your group with the prescribed costs and anticipated actions.


You pay according to the agreed plan and we start work on creating content and forming a team.


Analysis of the results. Adjustment plan for SMM promotion to improve performance.

What do we offer?

Fair price

Fair price

We demonstrate where your every dollar invested in SMM promotion was directed. Including the costs of freelance and direct.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

We carry out advertising on social networks. Both through a potential audience, and through your competitors or similar groups.

Staff content managers

Staff content managers

A large staff and the number of freelancers to create and publish content (texts, products, videos, photos, special offers).

Content Management Training

Content Management Training

We train and explain how to correctly place content, ads in groups and profiles. We talk about the design of groups and communities.

Pros and Cons of SMM Promotion

The main plus of SMM promotion is access to information about your potential audience and audience selection according to your criteria, such as age, city, gender, education, interests, musical preferences, etc. Also, one of the pluses is the great functionality that they provide You need social networks to grow your business.

One of the drawbacks of SMM is that this promotion method is most effective for B2C business. That is, for a business that works directly with the consumer, and not with legal entities.