What is contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising is one of the methods to attract customers to your website. This differs from SEO in achieving quick results. Contextual advertising will allow you to display a link to your site in the first lines of the search results of any search engine, Yahoo or Google, within 3 working days, during which an advertising campaign will be organized.

Also, this method of promotion can attract visitors who are already ready to buy a product or service from you, and also allows you to choose visitors by age, interests, and solvency.


How are we working?


Collection of information from search engines, analysis of competitors, their productive and negative decisions for advertising.


We provide several options for contextual advertising. Distinguished by budgets and the number of services advertised.


We are developing an advertising campaign for your chosen option and begin placement in search engines.


We study the results obtained, analyze the results and make changes to the advertising campaign to improve the results.

Why choose contextual advertising?

Contextual advertising in search engines Yahoo and Google have several advantages compared to other methods of promotion. The main one is the speed of obtaining the result. You can receive sales within the first day, in the case of a good site and a well-tuned advertising campaign.

Another advantage is that there are no budget restrictions. You determine how much money to spend on advertising. It is clear that the larger the budget, the better, but there is no lower budget bar.