Website development for small business

The website is the face of your business. All clients want to know information about your company, before then order a service or product. Therefore, it is very important to responsibly approach the creation of a website, even when it comes to small businesses. So, where to start development and how to make a site interesting for users?

Website design

First of all, you need to decide on the design of the website. Most often, it is developed based on an existing logo or some style of the company. For example, if the logo is made in black and white, then the site is best created in these colors.

In what area do you plan to grow your business? If B2C, that is, the activity is aimed at the client, then you can use a bright design, animation, add more text. However, do not completely forget about the sense of proportion – too colorful design is more likely to scare away customers.

If you want to work with other companies, then it is better to give preference to neutral shades. Choose blue, white, gray and their varieties.

It’s good if you indicate on the website the prices for your services and the terms of their implementation. Do not forget to indicate the address of the company, as well as the mode of operation. For convenience, create several sections, for example, “Contacts”, “About Us”, “Services”.

Choose a CMS

To make the website easier to manage, select CMS – content management system. For small businesses, such systems as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal are ideal. They have a clear interface, with their help you can easily control the number of applications, visits, and generally follow the development and filling of the website. These systems have a large community – you can quickly and easily solve any problem.

Of course, it is most convenient to use a system of our own design, but it costs many times more.

Buy a domain and hosting choice

The domain should be as short and clear as possible. This may be the name of your company or its abbreviation (if the name is very long, it is better to shorten it).

For small businesses, it is best to choose a shared hosting – it is easiest to use, but there are some limitations in managing resources.

After designing and choosing a CMS, you need to continue to develop your site. In order for it to appear higher in the search, you need to regularly add news or articles, use keywords in them and remember tags.

Write and add posts on the subject of your business – users will be able to draw from them a lot of useful things, which will encourage them to look more often at your site.

Use SEO promotion to make your website popular and attract more new customers.

In general, we can say that the development of a site for small businesses requires a responsible approach and continuous development. Otherwise, attracting customers can take a very long time, and the profit will be insufficient.