We make a website for a bar, cafe, restaurant

A website is an important component of any business. Many customers, before visiting an institution or leaving an application, prefer to study the site, prices, find out the address and opening hours. If we are talking about creating a site for a cafe or restaurant, then you need to consider several components at once. Today we’ll talk in detail about how to develop a good website for your institution.

Website design

The color scheme is the most important factor in the perception of the entire web page. If the design is too bright, colorful, there is a lot of text, the font is inconvenient for reading – users will not stay on the site for a long time, and even more so will not want to visit such an institution. Choose calmer shades, make the text as informative as possible, but at the same time short, because no one wants to read a bunch of “water” and scroll through for a long time to really useful information.

It is good if the website design fits the style of the institution. Do you have a sushi bar? Make a site in Asian motives, and it can not always be banal hieroglyphs. Perhaps the name of your institution is somehow unusual? Make a website for it. Confectionery? You can make a design in pink or beige colors, add interesting patterns and even animation.

What to add to the website?

Of course, you do not need to overload the site with excessive information, post a lot of text. It’s better to add more photos, fine, if you can make a separate page for the gallery – you can put photos from events there, and just a photo of the interior of your establishment.

Be sure to place the menu and bar card – most customers choose a place at a price. Indicate them, add promotions, discounts. Ideally, if each dish has a photo, and also indicated weight.

For the convenience of customers, you can add a table reservation form and a seating plan to the site. Be sure to indicate the time of work, delivery time (if you have one), address. Ideally, attach a card so that customers can navigate.

You can add a page for reviews – so you can improve the work of your institution, and customers will understand that it is better to order in your cafe or restaurant.

Does your establishment have an interesting story? Create a section “About us” on the site and tell us about when you opened, what is unique about your menu, and why the client should come to you.

Do not forget to update the menu on the site if you have made any changes to it. Update dishes, promotions and prices in a timely manner – otherwise, an unpleasant surprise may await customers. On the site, the price was one, but in the restaurant, it was completely different, no one will like it.

Be sure to create a mobile version of the site separately, or immediately create a web page with responsive design. Many customers choose places during a walk – which means they use a smartphone to search. It is important that the menu is correctly displayed and quickly opened from any device.

We can say that the development of a site for catering is rather complicated and lengthy, but you can cope with it if you approach it responsibly and carefully.