The advance of Website on the Internet

Now each company has its website. This is very convenient for potential customers – browsing the website, they can navigate the prices, terms, to understand whether certain services are suitable for them. It is important not only to make the website informative but also to correctly advertise it because the better the advertisement, the more customers. So where and how best to advance your website?

The most important thing is to use different Internet resources at the same time, and then choose a more effective one.

Of course, the more resources are used, the more customers are attracted. However, it is necessary not only to connect all possible ways of promotion but also to make advertising memorable and interesting. Each resource has its characteristics, without which an advertising campaign will not be effective.


This social network is often used to advertise services. It is most convenient to create a group or public of your company and regularly post there. Be sure to use hashtags, buy ads in other communities, hold contests.

In the posts you can ask questions of the audience – people will answer them, increasing the activity and popularity of the group.

Create polls to find out the interests of your potential customers and increase community activity.


Search engine advertising is highly effective. The website will become higher in search, which means they will go to it more often, and it will also be highlighted in the recommendations.

You can additionally place banners – small ads with a brief description of the services offered.

There is the so-called “smart advertising”, which attracts only a certain audience that is suitable for your business.

Advertising in Google is quite expensive, but it attracts a large number of customers.


On Instagram, you can attract a huge number of customers. Write short, but informative and interesting posts with hashtags, buy ads from other bloggers or post them in the stream.

Spread out stories and posts regularly, give your account a specific style, make a memorable avatar and description.

Ask questions of the audience, hold contests, like-times. The more activity under the posts, the more subscribers, and therefore customers.


SEO-promotion allows you to optimize your website for popular search queries and bring it to the first page. Thus, those who are interested in services will see your website and go to it.

This method is similar to advertising in a search engine, but if advance using, for example, Google does not require special content on the website, then the CEO cannot do without it.


On Twitter, ads can be bought from popular users or placed in the form of banners that will be displayed in the feed. Everything works the same as for Facebook.

What is needed for advertising to be effective?

Clearly defined advertising goal
Which customers do you want to attract? Will they use your services regularly or on a one-time basis? Answer these questions, set a goal for advertising, and start creating a campaign.

Results Processing Algorithm
Sometime after the launch of the advertisement, evaluate its effectiveness. How many clients have come to you? Are their price, terms, and quality of services satisfied? Is the audience attracted?

If something goes wrong, you should change the advertisement. It’s possible to switch to another resource or change the banner design, or maybe connect smart ads or optimize your website for search engines.

Landing page/page for an advertising campaign
The ad must be memorable. Create a unique landing page and enticing text to attract more customers. A good advertising page together with hashtags will allow you to quickly advertise your services to a wide audience. Try different ways to promote your website, consider mistakes and grow your business!