Promotion of B2B company website

Having a website for a company has long ceased to be something outstanding, now it is rather a necessity. 

A website is one of the most important business tools, but for it to work and bring real income to the company, you need to act.

Consider the main channels of promotion in B2B.

SEO – search engine website promotion.

SEO продвижение вебсайта компании работающей в B2B

Gaining customer confidence is not easy, but if the website is in the top queries of the largest search engines such as Google, this is a big advantage over competitors.

Search engine promotion is one of the most common ways for B2B.

Contextual advertising

Контекстная реклама для B2b сайта

This category includes targeted advertising on social networks, as well as advertising on Google Adwords, etc.

Opinion on such a promotion is different, because for suppliers and customers it is reliable and efficient, while for others.

In the case of targeted advertising, you can go to certain micro-segments and get a lot of leads.

Content marketing

It consists of the development, publication, and promotion of content.

One of the most common ways is to create your own B2B blog on popular social networks, for example, FB, Telegram, and also maintaining a Youtube channel.


The popularity of this method is gaining momentum every year; most businesses consider it mandatory. If a couple of years ago, social networks as a way to influence the audience were skeptical, but now there is no doubt that the audience of the largest sites opens up great opportunities for targeted advertising.

Promotion Channel Tracking Tool Groups

In order to assess the effectiveness of the B2B channel, an integrated tracking, and analytics system is used.

There are a lot of such systems, but they all have one common goal – increasing the effectiveness of the advertising budget, identifying and eliminating ineffective promotion areas, as well as searching for new opportunities and various insights.