Local SEO: what is it for and how to work with it?

SEO promotion helps the website reach the top of search results. Thus, more potential customers see it. If you are planning business in a certain region, then local SEO will be an excellent assistant for developing your business.

What is local SEO?

This is a special strategy for promoting a web page for geolocation queries. For example, buy goods in New York. Instead of the city, the area or location of the buyer can be indicated. Words such as “next to me”, “closest”, etc. are clogged up in a search. According to Google statistics, almost half of the search queries are local.

This type of optimization is highly efficient – low-frequency traffic is growing, and it becomes possible to compete with monopolistic companies.

How to set up local SEO?

The first step is to register the company in various directories, including Google My Business. This will allow you to display your organization on maps, in mobile applications (navigator, transport, etc.). Also, the company can be easily found through a regular search. When registering, be sure to include the phone number of the company, its name, exact address, links to the website and social networks. If a client searches for some services or organization on the map, he will immediately see a list of suitable companies that are located closest. Signing up for this application is very simple, but it provides huge advantages for business development.

Additional services

In addition to the above service from Google, you can additionally register your organization in local directories and media. However, in order for your website to advance in the search, you need to properly design your web page. Use h1-h3 headings with keywords. Optimize the title and description. Well, if you use micro-markup, and the site has an adaptive design – all this affects the site’s place in the search results and puts it a few lines higher. To take a typical position in local SEO is much easier, because it uses low-frequency queries, and the competition is weak. However, first, you need to optimize the site in a general manner, and then proceed with local optimization.