How to promote your website?

Good afternoon! Today we will write to you about the promotion of your site and why it is needed. Promotion a very strange topic for discussion, but unfortunately still a large number of business owners, directors, managers believe that a website is the end result and it should work by itself. Alas, this is not so. A website is a tool, such as a metal detector, and without the necessary skills to use it, it will lie still. The same thing with website promotion, you need to promote your site for it to work.

And so, about website promotion!

Today, digital marketing has gone so far that it can offer you a huge number of tools to promote your website. But the most popular and effective areas are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and contextual advertising (advertising in search engines, for certain requests). Less popular email newsletters, SMM, and outdoor advertising. They are less popular as they are not suitable for all projects and it is worth using them only in specific cases.

What are the differences between SEO and contextual advertising?

The main difference is the result. In contextual advertising, you observe the effect instantly, on the day the advertising campaign is launched. While in SEO you will notice a significant effect, only after 2-3 months. Also, if you consider the cost of one visitor to the site, then in contextual advertising this indicator will be higher than with SEO promotion. Which of the best is up to you. But the best solution is to use both options for promotion. For your business, contextual advertising will help bring customers right now, while SEO in the future will help reduce the cost of contextual advertising.

What is common between SEO and contextual advertising?

It would seem two completely different approaches, what can unite them? The simple answer is a platform. Both SEO and contextual advertising are aimed at search engines, or rather, at your potential site visitors who enter the query you are interested in in the search bar.

But here, contextual advertising has an advantage, it can be configured in more detail, that is, you can choose the age, gender, location (down to the street), marital status, income and interests of the audience of which your advertisement will be shown.

Today I tried to tell in general terms about the promotion of your site, the most popular and effective methods. However, I did not go into details than what I’ll do later. It does not matter which method you choose to promote your site, it is important to promote its site.