Fitness club website – what’s important?

Nowadays, sports and a healthy lifestyle are becoming more and more popular, and fitness clubs appear at every turn. In order for customers to choose exactly your institution and purchase subscriptions, you need to create a beautiful site. What to place on the gym’s web page, and which design to choose?


Avoid flashy colors in page design, make the text as informative as possible with a small amount. Do not overload the site with photos – it’s better to create a gallery as a separate page.

Focus on movement, active lifestyle. For websites of fitness clubs, gray and its shades, black, white, dark blue and red are well suited. You can add any simulators or photos of people involved in sports to the background.

Remember that no one wants to scroll through long text for a long time and look at a site loaded with banners and various blocks. Strive for a minimalistic and pleasing design.

What to add to the site?

Divide the site into categories, for example, Gallery, Contacts, About us, etc. Clients will be able to quickly find the information they need on such blocks.

Be sure to list which exercise machines you have, indicate whether you have a sauna, swimming pool, solarium and which ones.

Create a page where you add a photo and a brief biography of the gym trainers – it is possible that the client will choose a mentor while viewing the site. Add a subscription or free first visit form to the website. Indicate what promotions or discounts you have. Many people like to read reviews before visiting, so create a page where visitors can share their opinions. Maybe your fitness room has an interesting story that you can write on the site? Be sure to do this, add a photo of your team, the interior, to interest customers.


After choosing a design, they select a domain and hosting. The domain should be short – ideal if it completely repeats the name of your gym. If this does not work, then stop at the abbreviated version or abbreviation.

Hosting for such a site, you can choose the simplest – virtual. This is the most budgetary and easiest option for pages of a similar plan. Website development alone is not enough – you need to constantly develop and promote your web page. You can regularly post articles or news, including from the world of sports. Create an adaptive version of the site for your club. Recently, search engines have been listing TOP sites that have a mobile version. Yes, and many customers prefer to search for establishments not from a computer, but from a phone.

In general, we can say that the site for the fitness club should be informative, but at the same time not overloaded. In principle, everything that is suitable for the development of sites of various institutions is also suitable for gyms.