About us

Hello! We are a web studio of Mechanics and we are engaged in the promotion of various projects on the Internet. As a well-coordinated and professional team, we organized in 2016.

For such a short period of work, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner, ready to continue both innovative and traditional solutions to our goals in the field of IT. Our main area is the development of web sites. But in addition to creating sites, we are engaged in the promotion of various projects on the Internet, using website optimization for search engines, contextual advertising, and SMM promotion.

Our team

Our team employs unique specialists capable of setting and fulfilling tasks of any complexity.

All developers are divided into teams, each of which works on its own project, which allows us to achieve short deadlines for development and high-quality projects.

Each team must have SEO and SMM specialists, which will lay the potential for its promotion in a future website. All our employees have been certified to work with popular Google services, namely Google Analytics, Google Ads

Our clients

Our customers are small and medium-sized businesses located throughout the country. The vast majority of our customers are engaged in the sale of clothing, automotive parts, electronics, educational services, cleaning services, various building materials. We also help to promote our services to fitness clubs, organizers of events and celebrations, various craft enterprises, real estate builders.


When working with standard projects, we use well-established programming languages, namely PHP and JavaScript. These popular languages allow you to create high-quality and fast projects in a short time.